Principal's Message

Dear Twin City Elementary Families,

I am excited about the upcoming school year and are working hard to continually improve several aspects of Twin City Elementary. Our teachers and staff are working hard to implement new instructional strategies that reflect today's best practices. Our professional development focus this year is implementing Character Strong. We will also be working to more fully implement technology in our classrooms and instruction given the hybrid model.

I am passionate and knowledgeable about education and believe that Twin City Elementary is a wonderful place for our students to learn. I will continue to be a visible leader who works to provide the resources needed for success. I will work to support the goals that you have for our school and students as well as creating partnerships among our families. I look forward to working with each of you to maximize the educational experience and achievement of every student in our school. As always, I look forward to partnering with parents and families so that all our student feel that Twin City Elementary is a safe and positive place to learn.


Jennifer Allen