Twin City Elementary
Needs YOU!

Twin City Elementary would enjoy having you on hand to help us make all of our students successful lifelong learners!  Join in to support our students’ success in school, and reap your own lifelong rewards of personal satisfaction, community involvement and self-improvement.

Work with our staff and other volunteers to help:

Tutor students;
Administer short student assessments;
Coordinate materials and assessment data in support of our math, reading and writing programs;
Manage data from assessments, assignments, and other sources;
Develop classroom materials;
Develop and support projects for social studies and science;
Organize and implement field trips and local excursions;
Supervise and referee recess games.
You could even share your own ideas to help increase student success!

If you’d love to dust off these or other skills to support learning at Twin City--or if you're already a volunteer, but would like to “stretch your wings” into other areas in our building--simply call, e-mail or drop by our school to obtain a volunteer packet, which includes a volunteer background check.  Then you're on your way!