What is PAX?
PAX is Latin for peace. The PAX program we are implementing at Twin City focuses on peace, productivity, health and happiness for all students. The goal of PAX is for students to be able to self-monitor and self-regulate their behavior in different settings. Behavior management is done in positive ways that provide immediate feedback to students. Students celebrate good decisions and appropriate behavior frequently.

Why PAX?
Students who are able to self-regulate their behavior will be more successful in school. PAX helps to reduce the inattention and disruptions that occur in the classroom. By having a school-wide focus with common language and expectations, students will be more successful.

A spleem is an undesired behavior or action. The students and staff have brainstormed a list of spleems for different activities or areas of the building. Students receive verbal and nonverbal feedback when the spleem throughout the day.

PAX Quiet is a hand signal that students give when a staff member asks for attention. The harmonica is used as the quiet signal throughout the building.

Tootles are the opposite of a tattle. Students and staff complete positive notes to one another to give compliments on meeting PAX behavior expectations.

Granny's Wacky prize is a positive reinforcement that students earn for meeting behavior expectations. Granny's Wacky Prizes are nonmaterial activities that last from 10-30 seconds and are meant to be a silly celebration between learning opportunities.